Poking the Dog: On #AbuseInPoly and an Italian translation of More Than Two
Eve Rickert

*** Defamation, on-line shaming , cyberbullying against Luca Boschetto ***

Describing someone as an abuser, a “predatory charismatic male”, a dangerous man, reporting on an international article his given name and last name, threatening his work as activist and threatening his person it is a serious and disgraceful action; an action directed against both the involved person, Luca Boschetto, and the Italian polyamorous community.

I am sorry for Eve’s feelings as described in the article and I do not question her feelings and/or sensations. My opinion is that such sensations have been determined by a personal and partial interpretation of the events and not by true and actual abusive behaviors carried out by Luca Boschetto.

According to me this story is the result of a huge misunderstanding between the involved parties and it is basically related to work agreements; but this can not explain and justify the allegation of abusive behaviour and the resulting public stoning perpetrated toward Luca Boschetto. I think that some manipulators connected to the publisher and the legal firm are taking advantage of the situation in order to defame and discredit Luca Boschetto in view of private and personal resentments.

Stating that dozens of people involved in the Italian polyamory community are unaware victims of Luca Boschetto it is another serious and disgraceful statement. The majority of these so-called victims are hurt, distressed, angry and they are organizing to express their opinions on this story. The Italian polyamory communty is not a fiefdom ruled by Boschetto, nor there is lucre in our actions and activities; the only interest we have is that of disseminating the polyamory and promoting an assitance network for the polyamorous people in Italy. Luca Boschetto is only one militant among tons of activists and he is one of the few who can publicly expose himself without privacy concerns and for this reason he is subjected to remarks or, as in this case, undeserved defamation.

According to the article there are many people manipulated by one man. But this is not the case, this is not the truth.
In my opinion it is more likley that two people, Eve and Franklin, have been influenced by other 4–5 people connected to the publisher and the legal firm; These 4–5 people are carrying out their personal feuds under the polyamory vessel, they are carrying out vengeance acts because of personal resentment against Luca Boschetto. Their aim is to feeding and to expanding their ego and, at the same time, it is to feeding their own controlling sadistic pleasure. It is a kind of witch hunt and they will not stop until they the witch will be burned.

I’ve been known Luca for years. I’ve been partner to him. Luca Boschetto has never used any abusing behaviour with me and I am acquainted with several other partners of him that can support my words. I am still a close friend of Luca and we are both polyamory activists: through out all these years I ve never experienced any predaotry, manipulatory or intimidating act carried out by Luca. After all these years I’ve never seen him acting for anything but promoting and disseminating polyamory among the Italian community.
What is happening now can only be labelled as defamation, on-line shaming , cyberbullying against Luca Boschetto.

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