5 interesting crypto projects/tokens you should follow

The world harps on being digital, decentralization, personalization, customization, mobile, globalization, and big data. Promising fintech projects and startups not only need to have these characteristics in their business models but also meet certain market needs and wants.

The following 5 projects is selected based on the potential of their big idea. Must read!


Humaniq has a big social-orientated objective and it is to “open access to modern financial services for 2 billion unbanked people”. By providing access for the unbanked people to modern cryptocurrency, investment, easy mobile payment and services, this startup hit right at an important localized issue — poverty, in developing and underdeveloped countries. Humaniq introduce the HMQ tokens, which has a limit to one person can own. Hear, hear, egalitarian. Technologies such as face identification login and voice captcha form part of their strategy to combat creation of multiple HMW wallets. Being able to scale and potentially penetrate 2 billion people untapped market is the advantage and may be the driver for adoption of the HMQ tokens.

Their ICO is over but you can always read their white paper here.


Starbase aims to be the go-to crowdfunding platform for new cryptocurrency business and projects. With 600+ tokens and more than $20 billion market cap in the world, there is a strong reason to ease the ICO process. Providing the technical infrastructure, Starbase aims to bridge the gap between the core team and supporters. The core team can issue and sell tokens globally and fast. Supporters can easily receive tokens as payment if they have helped contribute in the project. For sales and payment of tokens, the Starbase team introduce STAR, a conditional token which is consumable and has an inflationary feature.

Want to know more about this startup, browse their whitepaper here.


Ditch the bank and pay anyone with a mobile number. Sounds like a dream come true? With people spending so much time on their mobile phone, cryptocurrencies are still looking at how to penetrate the mobile space. A new startup Metalpay, introduce Metal (MTL) as a new cryptocurrency for mobile payments. Metalpay is looking potentially dangerous to disrupt the mobile payment space as they introduce incentives like 5% METAL for every dollar used to send money or making purchases. This means that the more you spend, the more MTL you can earn.

Their ICO falls on 10th June in case anyone is interested. Follow their twitter here.

Art Stock Exchange

What should be the prize of an art painting? Subjective? This startup, Art Stock Exchange aims to revamp the valuation process to a more subjective and transparent process by having expert art consultants and art curators. Headquartered in San Francisco and Seoul, they are looking to develop an Ethereum-based art share exchange platform which is also a market consisting of art sellers and buyers. The rationale is that art can be owned like stocks. Anyone can invest in art paintings and earn a profit when art painting is sold or displayed, just like stocks. With their proposed model, they may very well disrupt the traditional model of relatively closed art market.

Interested to own some fractions of art painting already? Take a look at their white paper here.


Swarmed by news and stories and not sure which are #fakenews ? Trive strives to be the fake news blocker. In a world where truth and accountability is increasingly being pursued by the public, their product cost only USD$1 per month. Relying on this revenue source, they seek to incentivize news curators, researchers and verifiers and viewers. Trive coin is introduced as the main mode of payment in the system.

Interested to know more, read their whitepaper here.

I am looking very forward to their official product launch!

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