You’ve had a long week? Read this.

My advice: Get out as much as possible. Not only because working 9 a.m.–6 p.m. 5 days a week behind computer screens can take a mental toll, but because as humans its necessary for us. It’s no coincidence that being outside has enormous benefits on us mentally and physically. Sorry, Virtually Reality can’t save you on this one.

Why do I feel the need to bring this up to you? Well, I finally started my new business venture this past week. I finally got a site going for my writing services and I’m slowly building up social media profiles and a content plan for the blog. As the week went on, it was just non-stop in my head; I couldn't get ideas out fast enough! I’d go to bed at a reasonable hour and be up minutes later jotting down ideas or expanding on a thought. That, along with a full-time job and ongoing side projects, helped the week fly by but by the end, I was drained.

So I packed up the car, boyfriend included, and we took a short drive to Everglades Holiday Park. If there’s anything to take away from being out there is that nothing “here” really matters. The annoyances we face at work, the daily traffic, a boss breathing down your throat… none of that is worth the stress we put on ourselves. Ever.

I read a lot about leadership, productivity, and reaching your goals… but taking a breather once in a while is just as important.

So all I want to say is this:

Enjoy your hustle, work hard, and keep making it work. Just don’t forget to stop and take a deep breath. Get out there, wherever “there” is and soak up the sun, feel the breeze tickle your skin, and forget, even if it’s just for a moment, the hustle and bustle.

With that said, enjoy these snaps from yesterday’s adventure!

On an air boat dock… no gators yet.
Can you spot the gator??
Perfect hideaway!
Enjoying nature’s imperfections

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Stay sane,