A Fast Track to SUNY Oswego’s Campus

As a recent transfer student I’m still learning all the little nuances and tricks to SUNY Oswego’s campus. Through the JLM 319 Twitter scavenger hunt I quickly picked up some tips and interesting facts from students and faculty about Oswego.

Professor Donnelly is the Advisor for the student run literary journal Great Lake Review and is also going on the summer study abroad opportunity literary London

Patti West from the Marano Campus gift shop told me that you can receive 20% off of anything in the store with the ship’s wheel logo .

At Penfield Library Ray Morrison told me how his COM 210 class uses the 3D printers for class assignments. Morrison said they present a prototype of an invention to him “shark tank style”.

My classmates also gathered their own data and tips from campus today under the hashtag #jlm319

During this scavenger hunt I not only found some useful places I had yet to discover, I also found out how willing many students and faculty are to giving their time to answering your questions. Everyone I talked to graciously agreed to lend insight or tips to me for this scavenger hunt and those who couldn’t helped steer me in the direction where I could find those answers. All on campus who I talked too were eager to help out in any way possible.

On Monday when Amy Moritz from the buffalo news spoke to our class she spoke about the constant need for social media updates. I remember thinking then how stressful that would be and did that thought prove right today. The most challenging thing for me was the 140 character limit and trying to tweet while gathering information. Most times I had to multitask which led to errors in my tweets (which you can’t edit). I feel as if I got a condensed tour of Oswego’s campus today.

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