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“Remember that hearing continues.”

I read it in the book– the “hospice book,” as I’ve been calling it. I can visualize the table of contents with my eyes closed. So when the nurse came over last Friday and sat me down to tell me my Dad will become less responsive as they increase his medication, I said, “okay, thank you.” When she asked if I had any questions, I said, “no, I don’t think so. I’ve read the book.”

I knew this was going to happen, as if it made me any less helpless, since it lays out the process of hospice and the stages of dying. The symptoms, the signs, the feelings, and the unexpected visitors but “remember that hearing continues,” stuck with me. …

i was once mistaken

about the simplicity

of our flesh and bones

as if we are

a two hundred and six piece puzzle

deficient in grandiosity

as if we are not tightly wound

with nervous systems

transmitting neurons

we assemble blood cells

in bone marrow

but my framework

lacks dexterity

so i pave my veins

with concrete

and weave lace

between my teeth

to catch my words

before i speak

i do not want

to mistake you

for a vacant skeleton

i once collided with

alicia napierkowski is a writer and poet, whose work ranges in topics from women’s health, film and media, to the human experience, including love, grief, and loss. her work appears in Hello Flo, Shape, HelloGiggles, SheKnows, and The Huffington Post.

By Alicia Napierkowski

I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen in my hand and put letters together to form words. I don’t even think I was capable of comprehending the sanctity I had built with letters and syllables. I escaped and meandered through every piece of my being by transforming feelings and ideas into language.

Shit happened, and I’d run and hide from writing because I thought my voice was small and ordinary.

I was afraid of myself, my words, my impact. My Dad would always say to me, “Why don’t you ever stick with what you’re good at? …


Alicia Napierkowski

writer. editor. calligrapher. artist. words: HelloGiggles, Shape, & SheKnows. |

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