If anything you have done online makes up your digital footprint, what is YOUR digital footprint made up of?

- Social mediaà Including photos- facebook, Instagram

- News articles- I’m always reading the news online

- University work

Do you need to add anything to your last list? Add them here.

- My social media interaction with other accounts

- Emails

- Goodreads

- Pinterest

What will you change to make your digital footprint more suitable?

I have already started to separate my personal accounts with the accounts I use for university units and my professional life. I don’t post much, if anything, I’m more of a viewer. I believe my digital footprint is pretty good and professional as is.

Google yourself. Are you surprised by what you found?

Not really. There wasn’t really anything on me, except for my medium account, and in google images, there are some images that I have pinned on my pinterest.

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