Has your opinion about the SAMR model changed? As a teacher would you still use it to underpin your teaching activities? Why/why not?

I believe the SAMR model is an important aspect in teaching and should be seriously considered for use in the classrooms, especially as we enter an era where technology is in every corner of the world. Teacher’s should be adapted teaching methods to met the needs of the future generation, where there will be jobs that don’t exist in the present times. My opinion of the SAMR model has not changed, as I believe its aspects can be fitted and used in the classroom.

As a pre service teacher, I will definitely be using this model to underpin my teaching activities, and in our university classes, we learn to do so with different subjects being taught in the primary classroom.

Bloom’s Taxonomy has undergone many revisions since it was published e.g. Krathwohl, 2000; Marzano, 2000, etc. Compare and contrast Bloom’s Taxonomy with a revised taxonomy of your choice.

Taxonomy is defined as a “a scheme of classification”. The Bloom’s taxonomy models have been revised more than once over the years, and when researched, there are many different structured models and differences in language. However the overall message is similar.

Bloom’s is the hierarchy including create, evaluate, analyse, apply, understand and knowledge/remember. The verbs used to link to each of the hierarchy levels differ, however are more or less the same.

Which learning theory did you identify with most? Why are they important for teachers?

In the previous module reflection questions, I had answered this question with Bloom’s taxonomy. However looking over the other models, I identify with many aspects of the others. While I may not use just one whole model in my teaching, I will use sections of each model and integrate it into my teaching. For example, Game based learning suits to the needs of a visual and hands on learner, while a different learner may respond well to the structure of a SAMR model. Differentiation is key to developing young learners, and I plan to use all the different models to assist in differentiating.

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