What is the design technology Curriculum?

The design technologies curriculum is written for students to make use and develop their designed thinking, using technology to assist in this process.

To develop these skills and ways of thinking in the minds of young children can give them the confidence and knowledge needed for tasks in the classroom, at home or in society. It assists and supports problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. Integrating technology and creative thinking can achieve life changing solutions that everyone could benefit from.

Why is it important to my future role?

As a pre service teacher, and future graduate teacher, I already feel it is my responsibility, as well as other future and present teachers to provide you students minds with the resources it needs to put their designed thinking into use. The Design Technologies Curriculum allows and assists teachers to provide students with those needs, and provides a guideline for teachers to do this. Young children’s minds are a crazy thing, they come up with the craziest and most creative ideas. However, one of these ideas could be essential for the future. It is our job to allow their minds to grow, and the design technology curriculum allows and supports this concept.

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