1. What six things does STEM emphasise?

· Collaboration

· Communication

· Research

· Problem solving

· Critical thinking

· Creativity

2. What does STEAM acronym stand for?

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Mathematics

3. Where does MIT think we will find all of the latest scientific and technological development?

MIT believes that we will find all of the latest scientific and technological develop within the interplay between the STEAM subjects.

4. What is a MakerSpace? Have you seen/experienced one? Share your experience here?

MakerSpace provides the gathering of tools, knowledge, mentors, information and expertise to complete a task, linking it to real life experiences, and how we use these tools in the makerspace.

Makerspaces allows for a lesson to be entertaining and a flow of creative thinking. A link to real life experiences and problems allows the students to see the relevance of your lesson, gaining their attention and full participation.

I cannot think of an experience where makerspace was played out in my time at school, but will be integrating this into my classroom and lessons as I believe it is an important aspect of learning.

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