Which Theory are you pulled toward?

The theory I gravitate towards the most is the Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Bloom’s Taxonomy:

· Creating- Use information to create something new, to produce a new and original work.

· Evaluate- To justify a stand or decision based on internal evidence or external criteria.

· Analyse- Take information apart and explore the relationships, draw connections, use evidence to support.

· Application- Use information in new and real life situations.

· Understanding- demonstrating an understanding of the facts and making sense out of information, explaining ideas or concepts

· Knowledge/remembering- recall facts and basic concepts, learned information

3 Things that have inspired you

· The importance of the Bloom’s Taxonomy model

· The way this models can be integrated into every educational learning aspect

· How using a broken down chart of Bloom’s makes it easy to follow

2 Things that have intrigued you

· I am familiar with Bloom’s and Gardeners, however wish to know more depth about the other theories

· How to use technology in an interactive and entertaining way that will educate children simultaneously

1 Thing you need to look into more

· Researching into more websites and programs that tie really well into lesson plans without dominating hands on or written work in the classroom

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