Steps to Choosing a Ford Ranger Bumper Replacement

Ford Ranger Rear Bumper

A common complaint that car owners have is that the cost of repairing their cars is causing a dent on their pockets. There are many instances when parts of the car will get damaged either as a result of accident or even due to the normal wear & tear. You will need to replace these parts if your car is to function in the right manner or even if it will function at all. There are also many other times when the car will need the replacement part but for aesthetic reasons. Replacing the car bumper can serve these two purposes and will offer an important safety level when a collision occurs.

There are many reasons why you may need to replace your Ford Ranger bumper. This will not only act as a safety part that can offer protection in case of a collision but it also adds to the aesthetic value of the car. No matter the reason for replacing the car bumper, there are a few steps that you can use when choosing a Ford Ranger bumper replacement.

Understand the Terminology

Before you can go out to buy the replacement bumper, you will need to understand the terminology that surrounds this key part of the car. First you will need to understand the difference between the bumper, wing or fender as these terms are commonly used as synonyms. The bumper refers to the added part of the car which is either at the farthest front or farthest rear. Therefore, in case of a collision at the front or back of the car, this is the part that helps to cushion the impact. Therefore, these parts are important to the car’s styling as well as the safety features. In fact there are many parts of the world where the bumper is a legal requirement. A wing or fender refers to a panel that is fitted over a wheel at the front of the car and can therefore serve different roles.

Determine Model and Make of Vehicle

Since a bumper will be quite visible and will contribute to the level of safety of the vehicle, it is important to have one that will be properly fitted. In order to ensure that replacement bumpers are able to fit in a secure way to the vehicle, a good idea would be to choose one that is made of the same model and make of the car. Therefore, if you have a ford car, a good idea would be to select the ford ranger front or rear bumper. It is always important to remember that a same make that is from a different year can have a bumper that is quite different if it is to function in the right way.

Bumper Type

The word bumper is a bit vague and can refer to different parts of an auto. Therefore, before you start shopping for a bumper, you will need to know the exact part that you are searching for. In case you want to replace the bumper purely for aesthetic reasons, you will come across a set of bumpers that may be needed or even the kit for the entire body.

Front or Rear Bumper

You will need to consider whether you are searching for a bumper for the front of back of the car. The front bumper will have a complete different size and shape as the back bump one. This means that the 2 different pieces can’t be interchanged. Where damage occurs to the two bumpers at once or if you just need to restyle your car, it is advisable to seek a bumper that looks exactly like the previous one so as to keep the old look of the car.


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