KickICO is a blockchain-powered crowdfunding platform that is convenient for both founders and investors. By using Ethereum smart contracts, KickICO significantly reduces the overhead costs of running a crowdfunding campaign and protects investors from failed projects. KickICO will enable fundraising in crypto as well as fiat currencies and provide a unified platform for both crowdfunding and ICO campaigns.

The KickICO team say they have been involved in crowdfunding since 2012 and began creating their own independent platform in 2014. KickICO is the product of three years surveying the crowdfunding market landscape, conducting numerous studies, and evaluating the reasons for the success or failure of projects. KickICO’s platform is already fully operational — several campaigns are currently live on the platform — but launch is set for September/October.

KickICO is built as an ecosystem, called the Kickonomy, which maintains transparent relationships between founders, investors, and the community. The Kickonomy functions on KickCoins, which are awarded to backers when they support campaigns on the platform (in addition to whatever other cryptocurrencies are used). KickCoins will be used in internal platform applications and in exchange for useful services such as translations, surveys, and promotion. Projects will also be encouraged to rely on KickCoins for fundraising so as to increase the token’s value and liquidity — this may be particularly useful for campaigns fundraising for entertainment or art related projects like a play or an album. And if a backer contributes to a project that never gets made, rather than simply losing their money, they have bought a cryptocurrency. KickICO’s business model is built around supporting the development of games, services, shops and other businesses that use KickCoin and drive the Kickonomy, as well as on the commission fees taken from fundraising campaigns.

KickICO claims that traditional crowdfunding platforms (like Kickstarter) charge fees of 15% to 40% including commission, payment processing, taxes, and more. In comparison, KickICO charges ICO campaigns 4% of the collected funds in ETH and 4% of the campaign’s tokens. The KickCoins which are distributed to backers along with the campaign tokens are generated in accordance with this fee (4% to 8%, effectively selling KickCoins to the campaign creator in exchange for the fee). For non-ICO crowdfunding campaigns, KickICO gives backers 4% to 20% of their investment in KickCoins (depending on their reputation on the site), at a rate of no less than 0.0005 ETH per KickCoin. Campaign runners who wish to be eligible for KickCoins must verify their identity and raise at least $10,000.

KickCoin Team

KickICO is headed by founder and CEO Anti A. Danilevski, previously a designer and producer of indie browser-based games, one of which (according to his bio) became the most popular game in Russia, and a crowdfunding evangelist since 2011. Other key members of the team include co-founder and CFO Alexander Petrov (whom the bio describes as a wholesale/retail trading entrepreneur) and co-founder and CTO Andrew Perepelitsa (who is said to bring extensive experience with high-load enterprise systems). The rest of the core team is comprised predominantly of business and marketing personnel (including a 5-person PR & Media team), with one backend developer and a designer. Web development is outsourced to Pacatum. The company’s advisors include Anton Gerasimov (who worked as a researcher at STMicroelectronics and led microprocessor design startup RuChip), Vladimir Ostapenko (CTO of ride-sharing company Fasten), Yuri Mykolyshyn (marketing manager at Hideez and previously at Intel), along with Roel Wolfert (COO/CMO of Qoin and a member of Bancor’s advisory board), Edgar Kampers (CCO at Qoin), Scott Morris (founder of Ithacash), as well as Jonathan Millet (CEO of NewsBTC) and Jayanand Sagar (consultant at NewsBTC and India’s CoinSecure).

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