Arabs in London

(Edgware Road)

Everyday or every week I will tell you a little bit about what is going on in Edgware Road as it’s ruined by Arabs.

At first when you visit this street you may feel good about it because it has shops looks nice or different like shisha are smoked outside Restaurants,signboard written in Arabic and it’s quit busy.

Also whatever you want to buy you might find it there like new mobile phone,Spy tools,Shisha(Hookah) and as I mentioned before in my previous article you can find drugs ,prostitution,illegal workers with or without fake documents and money laundry as doesn’t stope here just let your imagination go on and on as it doesn’t end..whatever you want is available in Edgware Road.

Even some planing for politics in Arab countries are made in this street as they decision maker or their close followers meet in some places and plan what they will do and they have all support form embassies which help them in all aspects.i will give clear expanse for this later not in this article.

So as I said you with the First sight you may fall in love with this street but the reality it’s the bottom of London not the actual location which is the in central London,it’s where all shit’s where you as a tourist is a victim all Edgware Road are waiting for you to come so they can rap you either finically or literally if you are a women.

Once you enter any shop in this street expect of course Costa cafe and similar shops every workers and shop owner will start the evaluation based on what you wear cloths ,shoes ,watch and perfume then they decide how they will treat you and how much price they gonna tell you for the products..yes this is how it’s working in Edgware Road where Arab have the control unfortunately which I am one of them again unfortunately….

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