Two main advantages of working alone in the beginning stages of your start-up idea.

You may have read 100s of articles on the web about the importance of having people around you when starting a start up, Which is true to a certain extent.

I wish I had people around me while writing this piece of information.

Yes, partners and friends can help you with your work and building the idea from the ground up. Sometimes it is the way to go.

But what most people miss in this particular case is that, though it is really important to have people besides you while working on your start up idea, it is really not a necessity.

Let me share with you 2 main advantages of working alone in the beginning stages of your start up idea :

Originality in the idea —

You are on a subway one evening and you get this brilliant idea for a product or service that can benefit the people in a huge way.

You go and share this new idea with your colleagues or friends in order to get some valuable feedback or views.

However, we live in a tough world. Most people(not everyone) like to see you on their level instead of seeing you on top. So the only feedback you might get from them is how your idea doesn’t work or isn’t sufficient or how great it really is(with a sarcastic face).

The point here is that, this new idea about the product or service originated from within you. Only you have the vision and necessary abilities to build it(atleast a prototype).

Once you stick to the originality of the idea and put the necessary ingredients to bring it to life, the right people will eventually join you to help you share it with the world and make it better.

Action: Working on your own initially reduces the chances of your idea being crushed by negativity from the outside world. It provides you a chance to bring your idea to life without any constraints.

So work alone for a few weeks and bring the idea to life!!!!

Freedom and flexibility while working —

When you are working alone on your start up idea, you have all the necessary knowledge materials, freedom and flexibility to work according to your schedule.

We live in the age of information. We have access to thousands of info materials available to us within a click of a button.

So you have most of the knowledge and capabilities to work on your own. No other external input is needed initially.

But if we have people around us in the beginning, we are somehow dependent and defined by their inputs and schedule.

These things are bound to bring about unnecessary confusion or even conflicts if things do not go well.

I agree that two brains are better than one, but in the current age, you have access to millions of brains on the internet. Why do you still need people to help you out?

Action: Work independently until your idea has a solid form. Work based on your convenience and schedule. Do not be limited by external factors and people.


Work alone and independently in the beginning stages of your start up idea. Work on the idea and bring it to life.

Build a working prototype or atleast a design plan.

Retain the the originality of your idea.

Don’t depend on people to help you out in the beginning. It is all about you and your vision.

I really love this quote from Chris Sacca — “Create value before you ask back for value”.

So build your idea from the ground up, create value and soon you will see the right people joining you to help you build a successful product and company.

I hope this article provides some value to you. Thanks. Cheers ☺

Shashank Bellur(aka Alien Senses)

Twitter: Alien Senses


Instagram: @aliensensesofficial