Yeah, bailing out on gender conformity is problematic.
J Apple Muncy

Hi! Thanks for asking, and yes, you are correct … the best terminology that I have seen, as far as where I do not fit, is the male gender role. As far as a community, unfortunately I have not found one specific to this, as yet. Though, it certainly may be just that I have not found it, as opposed to there not being one.

It is encouraging though that there is information out there. It is not quite a desert wasteland, even if there is not an easily found community thriving. Honestly, part of my posting here is that there seems to be a pretty healthy bit of discussion about gender on Medium.

A part of what I have struggled with is, does not fitting within standard gender roles qualify as a specific identity? Well, the reality is that other people’s confusion about me does not go away. I have always gotten this feedback about how I seem outside of the lines…

It’s why I say the point is to help others understand. People seem confused that I don’t match their expectations … so, I think the best solution is probably to help change those expectations. Being clear about gender roles, and how I don’t fit them, seems like the best way to do that.

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