Serious question: What is more important regarding black identity (both individually/personally and…
Christo Nar

Who or what you are is more important than things far in the past, like what you read about the history of your ancestors. That is not what I think, but it seems a pretty clear implication from the way that you’ve phrased the question.

How can what happened to other people in the past be more important than who you are today, right?

Okay, let me ask you a question, to illustrate what I mean: Which do you think is more important, A) that your loved ones are alive, healthy, and safe, or B) that some other people may have more money than them?

It really is not a fair or reasonable question at all. You could pick “B”, but it will be a pretty difficult position to defend.

Also, you said you will appreciate all responses, but dismissed the first answer you got, I guess because it was not the answer you were looking for. Refusing to pick option “A” above would not mean what you said was “lazy or cowardly”; it would just mean you are resisting being forced into the choice I’ve tried to make you choose.