Explora- ManoMano : How can Digital disrupt DIY consumption behaviors ?

Concept Paper: MANO MANO


Mano Mano provides a very large range of products but sells only a few of them. Their current customers are people around 50 years old and well experienced in the area of DIY and Gardening.

Today, they would like to give another image of DIY and Gardening, in order to make the myth disappear (such as the fact that DIY is hard and complex) and thus create more accessibility to people who are not expert in doing it by inspiring them.

The final perspective of this challenge is to create more traffic on the current website. This problematic involves other aspects, such as increasing the Brand awareness and make it well known around France. Ideally, our project would be duplicable to other countries.


Mano Mano has specialized in DIY and Gardening because it represents a very high potential market in France and Europe. To get an idea: it is about six times bigger than the high-tech industry. But the point is: why is this market lagging behind regarding Digital? As Digital has recently become the not-to-be-missed issue. MonomanO needs to address this concern more than seriously. We decided to analyse both our competitor’s innovations in the Digital field, and other sector’s digital breakthrough, to try to deduce Digital lessons and maybe get inspired from brilliant ideas.

We found several ones: Tinder about meeting: an app that created a new move, Marmiton about food recipes, Particulier à Particulier about property businesses… We have appreciated those concepts which are very easy to adopt and thus we concluded that there was something to do with that and ManoMano.

Project Description

We plan to create a mobile application to increase traffic and visibility of ManoMano. After having established all the innovations in mobile app and having discussed with Manomano in their head office, we found out that it would be great to enlarge their visibility with a new target.

- As the current customer is a 50 years old man having advanced skills in DIY, we want to target a new range of people thanks to the mobile device.
- As DIY goes hand in hand with inspiration, we found out it would be a great field to allure people
- As people spend more and more time on their mobile device, we thought about a distracting app.

Our #1 Persona:

First name: Alice
- Age: 28
- Family status: in a couple without children
- Position: Primary School teacher
- Interests: decoration, gardening, TV, outdoor activities
- Technology user: connected, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest
- Typical day: wakes up, public transports, finishes at 5 or 6 p.m., comes home, and invites friends for dinner.

How does it work?

Based on inspiration and DIY, we offer an app that shows you different pictures of furniture or tricks that you can reproduce at home with your own tools. You can also like or dislike the picture. On each proposition, you would find:

· The level of difficulty
· A tool box with everything you need to build this item
· A video tutorial

The first picture is the homepage, you click on it to swipe on the right and see the tool box then the tutorial

If you like the picture, you use the Tinder move:

· You swipe on the right because you like it
· You swipe on the left because you dislike it

In the tool box, you can be redirected to a buying platform to shop the tools you need on manomano.fr

If you want more details on how it works, please click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MQjLpfnL7k

We’ll need a strong communication strategy to succeed. First, we will target key influencers to enhance PR. We need to use our respective networks to develop the app visibility.

Goals and Objectives/Research Questions

Our main goal is to raise ManoMano brand awareness among young consumers. We want our app to become a reflex: “I want to create something to embellish my home today, ok let’s see what the ManoMano app proposes!”. This would be directly linked to people’s fear of DIY: We want to erase it and show them that if they are well-guided DIY is as simple as a food recipe!

The potential market of the application is 22M people and the reachable target 2,8M people.

To put it in a nutshell: we want DIY and gardening to enter people’s life, so smartphones as food, music, travel and money sectors did!

Methodology and Timelines

Benefits/Anticipated Outcomes

Users will benefit from personal advice and inspiration tools in order to give them confidence about DIY and increase their involvement. They will be more able to practice DIY and Gardening. ManoMano will benefit from a broader brand awareness and increase traffic on the website. Moreover, as the target of our application is young dynamic people, it will also allows to build a trendy brand. Our application will also provide useful information about users and then provides specific add according to the user’s need.

Support Needed

First of all we will need an app Developer, because we will be able to do the mock-up but not to code the servers. Secondly we will need a Web Designer to think of the best design and visual identity for the app. Finally, we will need data from ManoMano website and User experience.

Thank you very much for your attention !

Julie Briois
Pénélope de Warren
Aliénor Dutillleul-Francoeur