Boredbees Tech Solutions : QA and Testing Services, A Transformative Business Function

The demand on Quality Assurance has grown significantly for enterprises of today. In parallel, dynamic market trends and the ever-changing technology landscape with the emergence of disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility and social media have made profound impact that has necessitated a change in approach, methodology and delivery of Testing Services. Clients and Industry ask for perfection, yet companies get compelled to take chances on quality due to time constraints, cost, and pressure for early deployment. However, with hi-end technological advancements, the scenario is changing altogether. Boredbees rapid, sustainable, and flexible Quality Assurance and Testing Services not only reduce the time and testing efforts, but also help you lessen the time-to-market and exceed customers’ expectations. Boredbees Tech Solutions is specialized in providing QA & testing service that helps in reducing quality assurance issues and allow clients to focus on their core competencies. We provide high-end software testing services by maximizing quality standards of software products, performance and availability while managing risks and costs. Our professionals are expert in implementing industry best practices in QA and testing. They execute business-critical processes, under unbiased testing environment, to provide finely analyzed solutions, with greater accountability. Boredbees have vast experience in testing variety of domains — Healthcare, Telemedicine, eLearning, ERM (Electronic Record Management), Media, Insurance and Finance.

Services :

 Desktop applications.

 Web applications.

 Mobile devices- iOS, Android, Windows.

 Device Interfaces — MFP / Fax / Telephone Alerts.