NKO GGZ and Alii start project to further implementation of national guidelines

Alii are proud to announce an agreement with The Netwerk Kwaliteitsontwikkeling GGZ (NKO GGZ) to create a project that will assist mental health institutions with the implementation of national healthcare standards.

For this project, Alii will analyze the healthcare standards and collect all decisions and recommended therapies described in them, and enter them into an interactive tool. Mental health institutions can use the tool to create tailor-made protocols that are based directly on the recommendations of the NKO. When an update of the national standard is published, the implementation tool guides the institution through the update process.

Additionally, Alii will organize a number of sessions with mental health institutions to create ownership of the protocols that are created and take the final steps towards effective implementation of the protocols in these institutions.

During the pilot phase of the project, the standards for anxiety disorders and psychotic disorders will be implemented in two mental health institutions.