Daddy’s Good Little Girl

You lay on Daddy’s bed a red ribbon tracing your pale supple skin, the soft fabric tightly pressing against the lips of your pussy causing the thin fabric to become soaked with your juices. The ribbons wrapped around your delicate tits making you look like a present for daddy. I walk over to you, eagerly wanting to play with my ribbon bound slut and hoist you to your knees, my hand caressing your gentle pale skin, groping and squeezing your tits. I start to kiss and suck on your smooth skin, making sure to leave my love bites behind marking you as mine. My mouth wrapping around your right nipple, gently sinking my teeth into the sensitive little thing, my hands snaking down, your slim figure firmly gripping your arse cheeks in my hands, before arcing my arm and spanking your behind forcing a moan out of your delicate lips. I turn you around wanting you spank you more. Again, and again my hand comes down on your arse cheeks leaving red handprints behind as I do. I reach around and spread your cunt with my fingers gently rubbing the folds before moving up and letting my fingers dance on your clit. Your moans filling the room as I edge you closer and closer to orgasm

“No not yet my pale slut”

I tell you, using my hand to slap your wet cunt, wanting to tease you and make you cum when I want you too. I push you down on the bed forcing you to rest on your elbows, as you arch your back and raising your behind to point your play holes towards me, using your body to beg for my cock, like the cock hungry whore you are. I grip my dick and use to tease your pussy

moving it around your wet folds

“You want it, don’t you?”

I tease you 
 “Yes daddy I want it deep inside of me”

You reply you’re the shake in your voice telling me how thirsty you are for my meat. I play with your pussy’s pink lips more and more before I slid into you. Your horny cunt gripping and welcoming my cock. I dig my hands into your thighs and spread your legs further before I start to pound your hole, my cock quickly gliding in and out. Your horny moans growing louder and louder as my cock pounds your g-spot

“fuck me harder daddy, harder”

You beg and plead as your orgasm hits you like a tidal wave forcing your petite body to twitch and spasm in pleasure. I pull out of you and lay next to you.

“Ride my cock”

I order You quickly move to follow my demands and mount me, steadying my cock as you slowly lower yourself down and letting your drenched pussy swallow my dick. You start rotating your hips moving my cock inside of you, making it touch every side of your insides. Your movements fast, as you want to make daddy feel good and cum inside you. I reach towards your rotating crotch and place two fingers on your swollen clit, my fingers rubbing against your sensitive spot with each of your movements. A pressure starts to build, making you feel like you’re about to piss on daddy, you feel your legs start to shake, you lose control of your body, as you start bouncing yourself, your tits jiggling as you slide my cock in and out of yourself. You start to feel faint, you mind goes blank, and the pissing sensation releases covering my dick in your warm cream as it squirts out of your pussy onto my chest. Seeing you squirt as you rode me forces my cock to twitch as my orgasm approaches, my cum spurting into you. Your body relaxes and you ease yourself laying on my damp chest, licking your cream off me, my dick still inside you, going limp.

“Did I do well Daddy?” 
 You ask your panting as you recover from your mind-blowing orgasm

“You did very well, good girl”

I reply stroking your back gently.

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