6 Great Ways To Double Up Your Home Furniture

The problem with today’s generation is that we want separate things for each utility. Back in the days, most of the things were manufactured with multiple things in mind. Except for electronic gadgets, there is hardly any home appliance today that is following the principle of multiple purposes. Take for instance home furniture. We use chairs to sit, desks to draw and beds to draw on. Not to mention wardrobes as storage spaces. But if planned properly, with a little bit of creativity some of these furniture items can be mixed together to give double utility. Here are some effective ways how you can get more out of your home furniture without spending a fortune.


Wardrobes are not just for storage. Smaller wardrobes can be easily converted into corner couches. Throw in some flat cushions and covering sheets and you can use small shelves as comfy sitting places. As for wardrobes, you can easily use their sides to hang clothes that are ironed and have to be used the next day. Not just ironed clothes, hats, caps, socks and even ties can be hung from wardrobe corners for quick reach.

Bed fort for children

The thing with children is that they are bored and are rarely impressed with the adult kind of bedrooms. More than space what they look for is creativity and charm. A wise idea to give your bedroom a great makeover will be to build a fort above the bed. Your child will get the feel of sleeping in a looming fort that will make his or her childhood days worth remembering for a long time.

Sofa cum bed

Willis and Gambier bedroom furniture offer a wide range of sofa cum bed units that can put to end the worries of families who have tiny living spaces. These units can be used as sofa set during the day and can be made into a fully functional bed at night. There are plenty of bedroom furniture items like these which can provide double utility and give more value for your hard earned money.

Under the bed storage

Most homemakers fail to make effective use of the empty space under their beds. Modern bedroom furniture comes with bed units and underneath storage. You can store anything from clothes to old magazines or even some minor mechanical equipment which you don’t need on a regular basis. Under the bed storage helps you keep your bedroom surroundings neat and clutter free.

Cushion Corner

If you happen to have a window that opens out into a balcony, you can convert the empty space into a wonderful personal nook. Throw in some cushions or a hammock if space provides to create your own personal corner. Indulge in sweet nothing chat sessions or relish the taste of a good cup of coffee in these corners where nothing else can come interrupting your privacy.

Hacks like these can convert your underutilized furniture into items of great utility. Add more space and comfort to your daily living with these furniture hacks.

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