IMMJ Assignment11:Photo Book Assignment

The cover of Pieces of China

The Photograph book I read named Pieces of China,it was created in cooperation between Michael Wolf and Minna Valjakka. The photographer was Michael Wolf,and the text was collected by Minna Valjakka.The book published in 2007 and telled us how China has changed.His project was the answer to the question of how to present the great change that has taken place in China in recent years on so many different levels in an associated publication.

The book has main 8 parts to show its photography works.The parts are:Portraits of Chinese People,Sitting in China,The Real Toy Story,China the Factory of the world,Architecture of Density,100*100,Copy Art,Chinese Propaganda Posters.Every part of the book has its own unique perspective,Michael Wolf got close to his subjects,and it is specifically the honesty and powerful documentary quality of these photographs that gives impact.I think the style of the photography is realistic style and expressionistic style.The photographer used some introduction to help me understanding the story well.

The first part Portraits of Chinese People showed that the identity of the Chinese has changed from being a member of a group to becoming oere an individual.Self-expression through clothing,hairstyles and consumer habits according to wealth.And Chinese want to highlight their highlight their individuality more than they did previously.

The second part Sitting in China is very interesting.Through different chairs in Chinese towns and villages,Michael Wolf wanted to tell that these chairs primarily reflect a sense of community,something that is an integral part of the traditional Chinese way of life.

The third part The Real Toy Story is creative and spectacular.The photographs of the installation as it was shown in the Museum for work in Hamburg,Germany in 2006.The total area covered with the 20,000toys and 13 photograohs was 45square meters.Its issue was environment about toy manufacture.The cover of the book used the photograph of this part.

The forth part China,the Factory of the world is powerful about the life of chinese factory and workers.It showed the problem about the rules of the worldwild market forces apply to Chinese industry.

The fifth part Architecture of Density is about the housing situation in Honking,through photographys,they showed that excessively efficient housing was not an unambiguously positive phenomenon.Overly dense housing was associated with security problems.

The sixth part 100*100

The sixth part 100*100 is my favourite part and gave me most impact in this book.Michael Wolf took photos for 100rooms in Hong Kong,all romms have exactly the same floor plan,each room measures 10feet*10feet,equaling 100square feet.These rooms that seems so small to us can house one or two people.The residents of the housing are among society’s poorest members.Most of them are retired people.Some of the residents are underpaid worker with children.The details created difference and similarities between the rooms.Everyday necessities such as a fan,a fridge,a clock and a calendar were found in all the rooms,but always in slightly different places,decided by each residnt.I think the idea of shooting different residents in the same angle is very shocked.The people who lived in the old buildings can seldom afford them and they lived in more cramped and modest conditions.

The seventh part Copy Art is about the copy art in China.It showed that the perception of copying was still not as unambiguously negative in China as it was in the western world.

The eighth part Chinese Propaganda Posters showed that the purpose of Chinese propaganda posters was to shape society.The posters were to act,through them,the government caomunicated easily understood role models to the people.

Michael Wolf’s the eight- parts artistic producation was a continuum,and the various works and projects complement each other and bring out deeper meanmings from the background of the individual photos.The essential aspects of his art are social comment and variety.He use different techniques.It is important as an artist to implement ideas that come to him naturally.On the whole,his photograph gives a varied,in-depth and above all human perspective on the enormous social change in China.I saw the most authentic life living condition in China that time from his project.I can learn that he used powerfully a series of pictures to show one theme.