News Diary2

Wed 11 Nov 2015

The program is Woman’s Hour,at first glance I am interested in the the topic,why do more girls in higher education than boys?And what impact will it have on the future?I want to find the accurate answer in the audio.It is a good audio interview.

After years of sustained increase there are over 50,000 more women than men in full time higher education. Alison Wolf and Melissa Benn look at why this has happened, what the boys are doing instead and the impact of this change in the future. Latest statistics show that older working age women, 50 to 64, are more likely to be in employment now than at any time in the past 30 years. Pensions Minister, Ros Altmann talks to Jane about the kind of jobs they’re doing and what’s behind the increase . Plus Laura Gardiner, Senior Research and Policy Analyst at the Resolution Foundation and Paul Lewis, presenter of Radio 4’s Moneybox discuss the issues. Late on Monday night, after a day of debate, the Scotland Bill finally made it through the House of Commons. The house voted to devolved powers that include control over abortion law — something Labour apposed, led by former shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper MP. She joins us alongside the Scottish Nationalist Party MSP Linda Fabiani who represented the SNP on the Smith Commission on further devolution of Powers to the Scottish Parliament.

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