On Immigration Processing
Terje Dahl

The current system made a market for itself.

  • Agencies
  • Lawyers
  • Consultant
  • etc

Taking appointment and interviews, bank statements, no objection letters from other parties, income rates and tons of other requirements and paper work that varies and change in different situation and each steps takes days, months, years to be done and as you said “outcomes are often illogical and inexplicable”.

I know many people decided to go illegal or applying for non-true with fake documents to support their refugee cases.

Bypassing the current flow is a thing now, people barely would wanna to go with the legal process due to its high volume of rejection and confusion.

Agencies are lined up to get your documents ready and take you appointment for the embassy and fill your head with answers and questions to be prepared on embassy interview time.

Rejection due to lack of required documents is really high, it’s crazy.

First you have to find out why the process takes time and what happens behind those desk and closed doors and while they respond with 7–14(at minimum) days for each step, then that can be applicable on an online platform.

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