Slimming down

Prolonging our life is the main goal of mankind. We want to spend as much time as possible on this Earth and see as many descendants of ours as possible. We cannot achieve this if we not only keep destroying the environment but not take good care of our bodies as well. How do we do that? Well there are many things we need to take into consideration but some of them are sports and exercise. 
First of all we need to decide if we are talking about slimming down only or about increasing the mass of our muscles.

If we are talking about the first thing then eating right and doing a lot of cardio exercising is crucial. There is no miracle here. There is no secret to being fit. People often look for a wonderful ingredient or a herb that will do the work almost instantly and without any effort. What needs to be understood here is the fact that there are many people wanting to rip you off for something that is praised as a quick and effective method. Such things can be pills, teas, or items that are said to exercise you while you watch TV or sleep. All of that is an absolute bogus. If you think that by spending a fortune on a gadget or a drink and not doing anything else will get you to lose 10 or 15 kilos, you are lying to yourself. You simply need to get over yourself and demonstrate some will. Slimming down is mostly a battle against yourself. It is never easy at first but then it will pay off. And when that happens you are going to feel amazing.
You need to put your head down and get on with it in a very serious fashion. There are many factors that account for you being obese. Some of them are: The amount of food that you intake, the nature of the food, the frequency and the lack of movement.

First of all you need to read a little. Before you start the process of losing weight you better know what you are doing. You need to know left from right so to say. Cut down on the food that makes you fat. It does not only that but it is also exceptionally unhealthy for you. You need lipids but you can’t take it too far. Everything that contains fats needs to be gotten rid of. You should stop eating pork. No more bacon for you — it is harmful. You must also stop using cooking oil and tone down frying in general. Fried food is your biggest enemy. Also no more rice and potatoes. They don’t contain fats but they are rich in carbohydrates and this is what makes you gain weight. Carbohydrates are processed slowly by our bodies and you are better off having them only for breakfast. Such examples are bread, spaghetti and oatmeal. During the rest of the day you should focus on protein, fruit and vegetables. Eat a few eggs a week and maybe just one or two yolks. Rely heavily on chicken, beef and fish when it comes to meat. Don’t be hungry. This is important — every two hours between meals you should have a fruit such as an apple or an orange. No bananas are allowed, they have carbohydrates. Needless to say chocolate is a no-no and sweet stuff needs to be taken out of your menu. Drink a lot of water. It will make you feel less hungry and will reduce the salt levels in your body.

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