Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

All due respect, but fuck your pain. The Democratic party decided she was the candidate before the campaign even began, and we never actually got to choose who we wanted. That would suck even if they gave us a strong candidate, but they gave us a candidate with the worst popularity ratings in presidential campaign history. Then they made sure no one ran against her.

The people who are peddling the shit that you’re selling here are carrying water for the worst elements of the Democratic party — the people who put us in this situation, who lost to Donald fucking Trump, and who want to take another whack at it.

The consequences of this loss are too high to let the idiots who got us here try again. The countless human lives that will be snuffed out due to a Trump presidency? Some of that blood is on the hands of the people who made this transparently stupid choice for us, and for the people who passionately embraced that choice.

If you don’t get behind the progressive Democrats NOW — if you don’t get behind Liz Warren and Keith Ellison and Bernie Sanders and stop trying to sell this vile “blame everyone but the people responsible” bullshit, you’re as big a problem as Trump and his supporters. Add to that, every time you people claim she lost because American hates women instead of the obvious truth that America hates THAT woman, you set feminism back decades. Snap out of it. You suck, and you killed us. Own that, or get out of politics permanently.

Trump didn’t win. Clinton lost.