“vaguely racist?” WTF is “vaguely racist”?
Felix Ray

Your exact words: “You sort of fit my idea of a Bernie Bros”

But the fact that you called people who supported Sanders “babies’ because you feel they mistreated you online is hilarious. Just think about it for a minute before you start whining again.

And while you’re at it, consider the fact that EVERY politician has badly behaved supporters online. I assure you — every single person who supported Sanders has stories of being attacked online by Clinton sycophants. Tell you what — when a bunch of them get together and try to get you fired from your job because you had the temerity to speak out on their candidate’s long history of racism, you get back to me about cyber-bullying, you baby.

Better yet, try being a black woman — and there were millions of us — who didn’t go along with the HRC party line. We were completely ignored and marginalized by the same racist tools who came up with the “Obama boys” narrative in ’08. As you’re clearly oblivious to anything about your beloved candidate and race, try Googling the term.

As for the Clintons’ war on African Americans, you lived through it, and you benefited from it. So the fact is, three strikes, welfare reform, and all the other vile shit they did to us just passed under your radar. You’re not interested in learning about it. If you were, you wouldn’t be belligerently demanding I school you. You’d be taking the time to school yourself. Here’s a suggestion — try getting your facts from something other than the campaign you’re supporting. You want a good definition of vaguely racist? It’s being white in America and having no idea what a black person means when they talk about the racist policies of the Clinton White House.

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