>>The notion that I should consider how long a candidate has been a party member when contemplating…
Felix Ray

You’re ridiculous. You’re supporting the candidate who the party cleared the decks for because it was “her turn,” as if that’s a reason to support a presidential candidate. They spent the first month of her damn campaign coming up with a reason for her to run that they could sell the public, because they HAD none. For you to lecture anyone on what a candidate does or does not deserve is the height of obnoxious Democratic arrogance, and why the party is less popular than Donald Trump right now. No one owes the party shit. Get over that.

Oh, and yes — Bernie WAS entitled to a level playing field. The fact that you can say that with a straight face speaks volumes about how much sick, corrupt corporate Kool Aid you’ve drunk.

You’re precisely why we lost the election. You hold up the worst ideas, the most amoral, despicable political ideas, then try to assert that anyone who doesn’t just get on board with them is a lesser person. You are why we lost, and why we’ll keep on losing. Go away now and educate yourself on the Clinton’s racism. You should be embarassed to be speaking on any of this, as you haven’t got even the first clue as to what you’re talking about.