We need to talk, G2 Crowd. Because this is not okay.
Alison Morris

Many of you have asked me if I heard back from the team at G2 Crowd. I did, but not until 4+ hours after I first emailed them. During that time, they continued to email my customers even though I asked that they stop. Frustrated with their lack of urgency, I shared some tweets about their tactics and only then did I receive a reply.

I’m not in the business of making personal attacks, so I’ll keep the employee’s name and title anonymous here, but this is the full response I received via email many hours after reaching out twice:

Hi Alison. I was forwarded your message by my team. We will cease outreach to Honey users immediately, and apologize for any misunderstanding here. Happy to chat further if you’d like to have a conversation.

I politely declined this offer, as there wasn’t much more to discuss — the damage was done. At this point I was about halfway through this Medium piece and decided it was still important to share, as my customers deserved an explanation and apology. A couple hours after publishing, I received a second email from the G2 Crowd team. Here it is in full:

Hi Alison. I saw the Medium post, and it seems like you do have something you’d like to talk about it. As I said in my previous email, I’m available and happy to have a conversation about this directly so we can avoid any future misunderstandings. My number is below.

I’ll leave it to you to make your own conclusions about their replies.