Taking some old advice
Jake Knapp

I wish you all the best with your books. I think each one of us comes at a point in life where we start to question everything.

And we all have our “everlasting books projects” in one way or another.
This is when we have to decide to either take the risky approach and be happy or to continue with what seems to be reasonable and more safe. The point is that the real defeat is if we didn’t start in the first place.

Sure we move into the unknown and don’t know what’s coming next. But isn’t this what life is about?

And one thing that helps me to achieve my goals is this:
Even it takes long to achieve whatever you want, time is going to pass anyway.

So either you go for it even it is going to take long, or you just continue to live to what is called “being normal”.

You have achieved what few can say: You worked in your dream job.

So if you could do that, you will definitely excel at your inner calling.

Hope to hear about your books