What to do once senioritis strikes

Its about that time, you’re finalizing your college decisions and feeling the impending laziness. What do you do?

The main problem facing seniors this year is themselves. Sure there are external factors, but how long can you blame that rejection for your lack of work? Here are some steps to avoid getting into that senioritis cycle without the #struggle.

Know the acceptable R&R period.

College applications and decisions are draining, no one disagrees. But face it, you don’t need the rest of the year to recover from their trials. The most acceptable period of laziness is from 1–2 weeks.

The first week after you turn in your applications feel free to ditch studying, skip one or two classes, and show up to school in your sweats. You just spent the majority of your time stressing over multiple essays, resumes, and portfolios; you deserve the rest.

The second week (if you need it) should include socializing and reintegrating certain hobbies back into your life. Binging on netflix and snacks does help that initial shock of “I just sent in all of my applications”, but it will end in more harm than good over the long run. Bringing friends back into your realm will reenergize you in ways netflix ever could. Go on a date, go to the gym, or meet a friend at a coffee shop.

Focus on the things you enjoy in high school (no matter how few).

The other factor that adds to your senior slack is the realization you’re about to go to COLLEGE next year, and you’re stuck in that boring class with a moron for a teacher. ‘How can I work hard in high school knowing that there will be so much more out there for me?’ Its easy to compare your terrible classes to what could be in college. It will most likely be better, but there will always be something you don’t like about a course you’re taking. Practicing positivity now will pay off in the long run for those times.

If you need to, make a list. It may sound corny, but focusing on those things would make a difference on how you approach school and enjoy it. ‘Who would want to enjoy school?’ Woah I’m glad you asked, YOU would want to. Time flies when you’re having (moderate) fun. Well more so than if you have taken up ‘this high school SUCKS’ as your mantra.

Practice Time Management BEFORE Going off to College

You may be a genius in high school, but college is a different story. The whole ‘Study for five minutes’ thing doesn’t cut it for college midterms. The last months of senior year are a perfect time to perfect your study habits, with half the stress of a university. You can experiment with different methods and the workload is usually much lighter at the end of the year for seniors.

Get a Job, you Lazy Bum

I said it, you heard it. Juggling different activities is a pilar of time management, and necessary if you want to succeed in college. If you don’t have a part-time job already, seriously consider finding one. While it is not the right step for everyone, it will be beneficial for most. Also, you gain a greater appreciation for all the money your parents are putting towards your education.

Lastly, Know it is your Last Year of High School

Murder that bucketlist man.