I often walk into my closet and stand there completely helpless. I will admit that the sea of black doesn’t help the issue (sorry I’m not sorry), but beyond that, it sometimes feels daunting to decipher what is going to fit on a particular day. To be clear, I’m not a size 2 kind of girl. In fact, my scale moves up and down with regular frequency. So when I walk into my closet and feel overwhelmed, I often opt for the same dress. Every. Single. Time.

We all have our “go-to” pieces. You know the ones that never let you down. They don’t care if you’re up on the scale by two or by five. They are indispensable and 100% reliable. But best of all, they make you feel good and if you feel good, you inevitably shine.

In a funny way, people aren’t very different from clothing. You know exactly which friend you’re going to call when you have a secret to tell, need a good cry or just want to vent. Your “go-to” friends are there for you no matter what and because of that they are extremely valuable.

But what happens in business? Who is your professional “go-to” there? Who is the one person that you know can handle the job at hand with speed, expertise and finesse? As a manager it’s essential to identify the “go-to” people, but as an employee, it’s essential to be one.

Unlike dating, playing hard to get in the workplace is an anti-promotion strategy. In fact, the more accessible you are, the more people can’t live without you. You can’t think of staying plugged in 24/7 as tedious. You have to think of it as your ticket to the next level. You need to be THE ONE. You know the one: The person who has done it before it is even thought of. The person who checks email late on a Saturday night and puts out a fire before it spreads. The person who always has it covered. These people are the ones who get ahead.

It’s not a coincidence that “go-to” people (even at the lowest level) act as if they have a personal and financial stake in the company. Here’s a little secret: Success is all about having an owner mentality. “Go-to” people win because they know that indispensability and therefore dedication, are as important as mastering excel or powerpoint.

Bottom line: If you are there for your boss, she will be there for you. If she’s not, well, she’ll have one hell of a hard time replacing you.

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Donna Karan svp global communications, Author of LEAVE YOUR MARK, 288pg mentorship with insider secrets, out May 5th. Thoughts are exclusively mine. Obv.