“Black Panther” Is Not For Us, White People.

Aliza Worthington
Feb 14, 2018 · 2 min read

I’m gonna stop just short of telling white people NOT to see it. To be clear, I hope this movie makes A BAZILLION GAFLILLION SCHMATRILLION dollars opening weekend, and wins every single award possible. Speaking to my fellow white people, though, can we please consider letting Black people have this joy without us ruining it for them with our presence?

We have ruined, and continue to ruin so much for Black folx. Yes, often just by inserting ourselves where they are rightfully trying to enjoy their greatness in peace, and without our white nonsense.

Like, maybe don’t go opening weekend. I know that’s when box office receipts matter, and we’re supposed to support them, but I’m kind of doubting they will have trouble filling the theaters with this one.

Or, if you get tickets, and you notice it’s sold out, and some Black folx are outside bummed they weren’t able to get tickets, give your tickets to them and go to Applebee’s instead. You can catch the movie in a few weeks, maybe.

Or, if you go, and it isn’t sold out, maybe wait until the very last minute to get your seats, so Black patrons can get first shot at the best seats.

You see where I’m going with this?

Fellow white folx, “Black Panther” is not for us. Just like “Lemonade” was not for us. And, as is growing increasingly obvious by our inability to quote Martin Luther King, Jr. in a way that isn’t self-serving and racist, HE may not be for us, either.

How about, for a change, we don’t take something clearly made to celebrate Black brilliance, beauty, greatness, creativity, and strength and consume it for ourselves? Just once?

Maybe if you’re invited by a group of Black friends you’re close with. Maybe if you’re a true, die-hard Marvel comics fan and you’ve known and loved the Black Panther stories your whole literate life. Even then, though…please. A little respect. Some deference. Humility.

Even better — help some kids to go see the movie who might not otherwise be able to do so by contributing to one of the GoFundMe campaigns on this list.

So, please — if you do decide to go…

No Blaccents. No appropriation. No shushing others in the audience. No loud laughing when the folx around you are quiet. Take up as little space as possible for a change.

And for the love of all that is good and holy, white people. No. Think. Pieces.

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