Dear Electors,

Yesterday, December 5th, I emailed the electors in the Electoral College:

Dear Elector,

My name is Aliza Worthington from Baltimore, Maryland.

On November 6th, my eldest son turned 18. On November 8th, Donald Trump won enough electoral votes to be elected president. On November 10th, my son’s Selective Service Registration card arrived in the mail, informing us — reminding us — that he was signed up should the draft be reinstated.

Since then, Trump has befriended dictators, ignored diplomatic channels and advice, refused security briefings, and shown complete disdain for our Constitutional rights, along with a shocking lack of knowledge of the Constitution itself. I am terrified.

Please, honor your role, your purpose, your country by using your electoral vote in the only responsible, moral and educated way possible. Cast it for Hillary Clinton — the person who has won the popular vote of the United States by more than 2.5 million votes. Generations upon generations will be indebted to your wisdom, and celebrate your judgement if you do.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate and respect the role you serve in our electoral process.



Here are the responses I’ve received — all automated.

1. From L. Scott Mann, Texas Elector

Good Citizen,

I am sorry that, because I have received more than 40,000 emails, I
can no longer personally respond to you. I gave up after about 1200.
Given that the content is fairly universal, I am comfortable offering
this universal response.

Thank you for your communication and for your passion for the
Republic. I prefer writers to rioters.

Several things merit mentioning. First, you have every right to lobby
an elector. I welcome the contact from a fellow American.

Second, this is not a democracy, it is a republic. The corollary to
that fact is that even if the majority did rule, there was no majority
winner in this election.

Many seem to not understand that a “majority” is 50% plus one. To
date, Hillary has received a plurality, not a majority.

Third, the Electoral College does not exist in order to give you a “do
over” because you don’t like the results; it exists to preserve the
nature of the the republic.

Finally, your feelings notwithstanding, it is not my duty to care one
whit what the plurality or majority of Americans want. My job is to
represent the decision of the winning party in the Texas Presidential

It’s not that your feelings don’t matter at all, they just don’t
matter here. The law and U.S. Constitution do.

For those who believe I should change my vote to HRC because of your
intense feelings about Donald Trump, surely you must know that for
every person who feels you have elected the worst person to ever hold
the office, there is another who would have felt exactly the same that
had we elected HRC: that she is unfit for office and her husband has
committed multiple sexual assaults.

Nevertheless, I think it safe to say, my good citizen, you would not
have agreed with electoral nullification of a Clinton victory. Nor
would I.

This is why we have elections.

If you disagree with the electoral college concept, and some do, you
have the opportunity amend the constitution. But elector nullification
is not the answer.

I will vote my conscience. You need have no fear. I have never
intended to do anything more or less.

Please allow me to illustrate my point from America’s favorite
pastime, baseball. In the 1960 World Series the Pirates beat the
Yankees 4 games to three. But, the Yankees scored a total of 55 runs
while the Pirates could only muster 27 total runs.

Unfair? No, those are the rules of baseball. We choose the winner of
the World Series by number of games won, regardless of the disparity
of the total runs. If the rules were different, teams would strategize
differently and the result would likely be different. That the Yankees
outscored the Pirates in 1960, or that the Cubs tied the Indians in
runs scored this year, is nothing more than an interesting statistic.

In a Presidential campaign, if the rules were different, candidates
would strategize differently and the result would likely be different.
Donald Trump won according to the rules. Everything else, including
the popular vote, is merely an interesting statistic.

Indirect election of the chief executive is the rule under
parliamentary forms of government. No one in Canada or the United
Kingdom votes for Prime Minister. The election is indirect.

In closing, I am delighted that many are reading the Federalist
Papers. I’ve been reading them for twenty years. They are a
fascinating insight into the minds of the framers of the Constitution,
aren’t they? The Anti-Federalist papers are equally educational. I
recommend them for your reading also.

Yes, I agree with Hamilton in Federalist 68. No, I do not believe that
the election of Donald Trump rises to that level.

If you have read this far you deserve my thanks, and to know that I do
browse for responses. I read them and sometimes respond personally as
time allows.

May God bless America and may God bless the great state of Texas.

Best regards,

L. Scott Mann
Texas Elector, Congressional District 19

Postscript: Inasmuch as the Electoral College does the business of the
People I consider all communications to be the property of the People
and may publish some or all without notice to the sender. Threats, and
I’ve received more than one, are forwarded to the appropriate law
enforcement agency.

The following may interest, enrage or encourage you:

And for those who think the country has never been in worse condition
or that we are on the brink of civil war:

“It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.” Psalm 118.9

2. From Alex Kim, Texas Elector

Thank you for writing.

I am receiving about 4,000 emails a day so I have set this to an auto-response.

You should know that I have no interest in Hillary Clinton becoming our next President. I reject the Democratic Party principles and I reject Hillary Clinton.

I will not do anything that will open a path for HRC to become our next President.

There is no such thing as a national popular vote. The only vote that matters to me as a Texas Elector is the Texas vote.

We are not a democracy, we are a republic, for good cause.

We all have differing opinions and I respect your part in the political process, but frankly, the political opinions of non-Texas voters means nothing to me. I do not vote or get involved in your state, I am not sure why you are trying to interfere in mine.

I encourage you to be more active in the political process where your vote matters.

Best Regards,

Alex Kim

Elector, Texas Congressional District 24

3. From J Hag

on Beaver Island Deer Hunting hope to kill 3 deer. Please hold all emails. Thanks. GO TRUMP — J Hag

Welp. Maybe I’ll send my son hunting with J Hag so he knows how to shoot when Trump reinstates the draft.

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