So, I knew the My Pillow guy was a Trumpie way before this Daily News piece came out.

I knew Mike Lindell’s business was on the Better Business Bureau’s shit list.

I also knew that he was super religious. How could you miss that cross hanging from his neck?

Now, generally, I don’t yuck someone else’s yum. Sure, I’d rather you not shove your religion in my face, and I can question the wisdom of a salesperson making an overt display of it when his product is non-religious, but I wouldn’t let it STOP me from buying a product I liked, just because the owner/salesperson wore a cross…

Then I heard about how he was an addict and really had sufferred and religion is a large part of what helped him overcome those issues, so I was inclined to, as they say, scroll on by. It’s not like the guy is trying to CONVERT me by selling me pillows, right?

Not so fast. Look again.

This is the poor sleepless guy before he encounters Mike…

And here he is AFTER he meets Mike…

Okay, I get it…he dresses like Mike, too…that’s creepy enough…but now he WORSHIPS like Mike, too???

Yep. Look closely. For a millisecond.

Sorry, peeps, that’s a bridge too far. Especially when it’s snuck in for a miniscule fraction of a second, then covered over by the ordering info for the entire rest of the shot. Subliminal shit is just gross. Stop it.

You can’t be blamed for not having noticed it…it is subliminal after all…and in full disclosure, I must give credit to my eagle-eyed husband for being the one to pick up on it. But now that you’re aware of it, if you were on the fence about this guy’s intentions…well, you can hop off now.

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