“Do you like this transformer?" I asked, twiddling my pen absentmindedly.
"Yes," he replied, nodding.
I could hear the anticipation in his voice, almost a whine, like a dog leashed to a tree, a bloodwet sausage only inches out of his reach.

I didn't look up, I didnt need to. I could tell his eyes were wet with longing, his tongue lolling, his lips wet. I scribbled on the papers on my table for a bit, his nearly breathless panting a constant buzzing in my ear as he waited patiently. Finally, I looked up and pointed with my pen at the large metal box festooned with wires a few metres away.

"Oya go ahead"

Ayo let out a whoop and ran excitedly, arms outstretched, his open shirt flapping in the breeze with the speed of his run. Getting to the transformer, he hesitated but one second to find his balance and hurled himself at it, arms going around to hug the electricity transformer tight.

It hugged him back. With a shower of sparks, it hugged him back. The electricity crackling and buzzing, tearing at the sky in bright shards.

I was already back to writing when his smoking, charred body thumped to the ground.
"Ebuka, you're next," I called, without looking up.