Entry: 001

Getting used to a fixed schedule is very difficult, compared to sleeping at 5am and waking up at 3pm. Yet, it’s important to make yourself productive as much as possible. Sure, I’m usually lazy and unproductive. But it’s fun to sit and play online RPG games for 12 hours or more a day.

Let’s be honest here.

We feel guilty doing the same routine over and over again every single day, so we suddenly do something that contains more movement and feels good for one’s mentality.

So, anyways. Classes started for about two weeks ago from now, and I was totally stumped to go to school that time (probably because I’m going to attempt on being sociable which so on failed :v).

The first week’s alright, there were barely any introductions made since there were only 2 transferee students, a boy and a girl. To be honest, I wanted the whole class to introduce themselves to avoid writing and stuff (Dude, what do you expect? I was pressing keys all summer. 😡)

I sat beside Andre Molas for the whole week, it was fun singing random Fall Out Boy songs with him. He even said that we’d make a pretty good duet song together.

The female transferee student seemed interesting. I mean, she likes my past obsession, which is Korean Pop.

At first, I expected that she’d like BIGBANG or 2NE1, etc.

Turns out, she’s only obsessing with one KPop band called INFINITE.

We became close friends around Wednesday (not sure, actually :v). She’s the one that broke the ice between me and her.

“Otaku ka ba?”


I mean, I was a bit offended since the word Otaku carries a really deep definition. (Search it up if you’re interested to know)

I just nodded at her question and smiled. God, I just realized how awkward I am.

The next few days, I guess the stress started piling up in my mind. Thesis, the confusion of which group you’re in (in every single subject 😥), and other school related stuff.

Guess that’s it.

Thanks for reading, Human.

You’re a beautiful organism btw. 😍

“The world is very beautiful, yet it’s so cruel.”

-Mikasa Ackerman

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