He woke up, the bright lights of the unknown white room blinding him.

Jeff sighed heavily.

Almost every part of his face was covered in bandages, except his eyes and nose.

“Ugh. I can barely remember anything.”

Jeff can only remember three major things that happened before he passed out.

Birthday party. Bleach. Fire.

He removed the bed sheet covering his body and observed his bruised arms and legs. Not to mention, the new latex-like texture of his pale skin.

“This is quite bothersome for me. But I guess I can live with it.”

The teenage boy weakly stood up and went out of the brightly lit room to see his younger brother, Liu, and his parents.

“Jeff! Honey, finally.. You’re up..” Jeff’s mom hugged his form, but the smile on her face quickly faded in an instant.

“Well, the doctors said that you can go home after the bandages on your face are removed.” She said while ruffling his jet black hair.

Jeff nodded. Looking at Liu from head to toe.

“Liu. They didn’t hurt you, did they?” Worry present in his words.

Liu shook his head, “I’m fine, Big brother!”

This relieved Jeff, making his tension loosen up.

After a few hours, the doctor came in his room to tell Jeff the good news and bad news.

“So, Mr. Woods. Your.. face can’t be restored back to normal. We tried every solution, but we--”

“It’s okay, Doc.” Jeff interrupted the doctor mid sentence.

“Alright. Let’s remove this thing around your head.” The doctor grabbed the scissors laying down on the table and began snipping the bandages. One by one, the bandages fell to Jeff’s lap.

“Oh dear God.” The doctor and Jeff’s family stared at Jeff’s complexion with a shocked expression plastered on their faces.

Jeff ran to the bathroom to see his face at the mirror.

Jeff’s family felt bad for Jeff, “Honey.. Y-You still look beau--”

“..it’s perfect..” Jeff interrupted once again.

“IT’S PERFECT! MY FACE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!” Jeff exclaimed with a wide grin.

And with that, the Woods family headed home after paying the hospital bill.

But what they didn’t know, it was their last night to live.

While Jeff was in the bathroom, the rest of the family was asleep. He stared in awe at himself.

“Let’s make you even more beautiful.”

Jeff took the knife he obtained from the kitchen and began cutting his cheeks upward to form a smile on his face. His blood kept dripping from his cheeks to his hoodie, counter, and floor.

“..and for the final event..”

Jeff proceeded to burning off his eyelids, leaving Jeff look wide awake, since he never blinked anymore after that procedure.

Jeff lost it. Insanity took over his body.

Slowly, Jeff grabbed the knife from earlier and went inside his parents’ room. He took his mother by her hair and whispered “You lied, Mother. You never thought I was beautiful with this face.” after that, Jeff murdered both of his parents.

“One more left.”

He wiggled the knife out of his Dad’s bloody neck before sneaking inside Liu’s room.

Jeff swiftly went on top of Liu, waking him up in an instant.

“Jeff!! What happened to your face?!” Liu wanted to throw up at the sight.

“Don’t you think my face looks beautiful, Lou?” Jeff held the sharp knife above his little brother, its blade shining from the moonlight.


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