Last week was pretty…dark.

I mean, not depression but the weather’s condition.

So, anyways.. last thursday, we (me, most of my groupmates, and a few other classmates) bought the ingredients that we need for the product that we are planning to make. The job was easy..

If it weren’t for the freakin' rain.

The experience almost seemed like a video game, where I’m the protagonist and my classmates are those characters who support you to accomplish the mission. Plus, some fabulous 1080p HD cutscenes like when that old lady told us not to go to the path leading to the school (since there was a fire-in-the-apartment kinda incident near the wet market)

(seriously, the thought’s stuck in my head for the whole time)

Welp, at first, we went to the new grocery store called “Ever”. When we entered the area, I totally bragged about how I memorized each and every aisle of the grocery store (including SM Hypermarket). They thought it was weird for me to have an addiction towards grocery stores, but I thought it was convenient.

Turns out, we spent around 35 minutes looking around for products but we were lacking what I call “key items” (Sounds fancy, no?) which consisted of chocolate chips and those paper thingies wrapped around cupcakes at the bottom.

We decided to go to SM Hypermarket instead and took all of the stuff back to its rightful places (I hope. Hehehe.)

I did mention that it was raining cats and dogs, right?

What happened is that, we all got soaked in the rain causing for the destruction of some paperworks in our bags. (We only have 2 umbrellas at the moment. Lesson learned.)

We all got home safely.

Then the next day,

I got




Thank you, Mother Nature.

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