So of course, anyone who does not agree with you and is not willing to bow down to your beliefs is…
Louis Weeks

Although I personally do not like Mr. Trump, I am appalled at the media treatment of him, in fact this goes back to when he first decided to run. The unprofessional and outright false stories and innuendo that passes for “journalism” nowadays is to me much scarier and a threat to Democracy than anything coming from The White House.

It does not surprise me after the 8 year love affair that the media had with our previous POTUS, wherein they dawned over his every move, and any criticism of him, valid or otherwise could just be dismissed as. Racist hatred of a Black man.

Now they are faced with a person who is completely not intimidated by them, has no tendency to abide by their political correctness, and despite polls showing his approval ranking in the tank, seems to still have passionate support among many Americans. The tactics that worked before are now being called out, and the media is becoming somewhat of a laughingstock. I recall on or around election Night, Mr. Dan Rather talking about “now being the time for journalistic integrity”. This is now seen as a disinformation tactic that has utterly failed.

Trump may indeed be trolling, but in fact that is certainly not anything illegal, or even unethical. Pretty undignified, I grant you, but dignified politicians who do nothing of substance is what has gotten us into the mess that we are in now. A change was needed, and Me. Trump is the change agent, warts and all.

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