Can Businesses Turn LGBT People Away Because of Who They Are? That’s Up to the Supreme Court Now.
ACLU National

I think that the shop should have to fly the Rainbow Flag if they lose, and publicly apologize for their bigoted, Neanderthal views.

How dare they disagree with the Liberal Gay agenda. Hateful, bigoted Christian terrorists, that what they are.

Is it not troubling that one group demands to be able to have the government tell this private business that their dearly held religious beliefs mean nothing, and must be marginalized. And the same people demand separation of Church and State when it suits their agenda. I suppose that the next step will be to make it a hate crime to say that you believe that homosexuality is wrong, or against the word of God, because after all, everyone knows that the Bible is just a hateful book that only bigoted low intelligence people believe in. It’s a scary day in America.

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