Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Once in awhile, I think that Medium actually has some worth. Then they let an ignorant bonehead such as this publish.

If all the things to write about, why pick one that you are so ignorant of? First of all , Capitalism is not a science, it is an economic reality. People want to pursue freedom and self-interest, in case that what passes for your brain has not yet absorbed that.

I suppose you would rather see Statism, which is actually the only other choice. You are probably one of the insulated pampered people who actually believe that people will come together, as we used to say in the 70's, “ workers of the world unite”. If you want to see how that worked study Russia, China under Mao, Venezuela, Cuba, Germany under Hitler, Cambodia, North Korea, et. al.

My goodness you are an idiot.

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