The Human Parts Open Thread: Bedroom Things
Human Parts

The old blue writing pad

My never ending ‘to read’ books, in my horrible, horrible hand writing. It is so old, that the firts page isn’t blue anymore.

In my home office area, lays an old blue writing pad, made of recycled paper, with a greeting of a small town I used to live. It is very old, I can’t remember when or why I bought it, all I know is that I have been using it as a long, never-ending, list of ‘to read’ books. In addition, I keep two even-older photographs in it, as if it was its shell of protection.

The list of ‘to read’ books is long, and I know I could have it online. However, looking back I think this writing pad has become a symbol. It is a list of books; books are objects with things written in it; a writing pad is used to write things; and so on.

Or maybe, it is a symbol because it represents an old me, in an old small town I used to live, back when I thought I had my entire life to figure things out. Back when I thought nothing could break us, because life was on track.
Until I figure which one of these is the reason why I keep it, I’ll just keep making my list.