Are you working healthy?

Are you stuck with the computer, doing your code or browsing internet? You may be forgetting the following:

1. Drinking water

2. Eating when hungry

3. Sleeping

Sadly, you may be drinking less water (more tea) ,skipping breakfast / lunch or working late night due to globalisation.

Many of my friends who were eating lunch late were hospitalised and had to come back from death itself. Sadly, the hospitals and the company do not care. They just steal your money and health. Worse, the current work system steals the health of healthy people and makes them sick with 8–10 hours work pressure in unhomely/unhealthy environment and those affected are still stuck in the system where heartless companies want to steal the intelligence of yours to survive.

Why not become smart and prevent such dangers, planned by some evil system.

Habits are tough to change and what is the solution? Below are few remedies to help you now and take action:

1. Take a walk early in the morning near Nature. Life is motion. Try to walk at least every one hour. Set a timer or reminder in your watch or outlook or computer.

2. If you are residing in a polluted area, make sure you take a nice hot water bath after travelling. Try working from home, if the travel conditions are unsafe.

3. Spend some time to find out what you need to eat. No books or outside information can tell you that. You need to find out yourself by eating and observing the effects on your mind and body.

4. Focus on your health and not your performance. Do not push yourself too hard to destroy your body. The one who gives the rating does not care at all and actually fails everyone who works hard and steals the money.

5. Avoid late night work at all cost. Good sleep is much better than good food.

Be with those who are concerned about “How are You?” and not “Who are You?” or “What is your job/What are you doing?”

Take care and enjoy a wealthy healthy life.