Help With Assignments Online: How to Link Sentences in Writing

Placing sentences one by one does not create an assignment. It is only a piece of writing that has no coherency in ideas or links in between the paragraphs and sentences. It does not help you getting good marks. The best way to maintain a flow of the writing is to link up the paragraphs and sentences. But how to ensure paragraphs and sentences are linked with each other. Here we teach you a few helpful tricks to connect your ideas in the writing.

If you have written academic assignments, you know there are a few particular words that fit in certain situation. Situations like,

Agreeing to the presented ideas:

After placing ideas, the writer may want to add information agreeing to the idea. To show agreement to the idea, here is a list of transition phrases that help you maintain a flow in your writing,

· Equally

· Identically

· In the light of

· No to mention

· As well as

· And

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Opposing to the ideas:

To contrary the presented ideas or pointing out alternatives, writers usually use opposing phases to maintain the continuity of the ideas. Here is a list of phrases and words that one should use when they shift to a different line of reasoning.

· But

· Rather

· Nonetheless

· Besides

· Unlike

· Regardless

· Although this may be true

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Stating cause, condition and purposes:

When assignment writers show something has caused by something else, here is the list of transition words that one should use,

· If

· Since

· Due to

· So that

· In order to

· In the hope that

· As

Using these words in your writing makes the writing more coherent. Moreover, the readers can identify the relations not only between the paragraphs but also sentences.