How To Brew The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Every coffee enthusiast would say that brewing the perfect cup of coffee is the only way to fully enjoy fine coffee. Having the finest coffee however is the only start of tasting the perfect cup, as it is won’t taste as good as it should be if it’s not brewed correctly. Improper brewing can easily ruin an excellent coffee. It’s not just about buying coffee beans and simply pushing a button. There is a method that needs to be followed, although it isn’t as set in stone since there isn’t any technique that fits everyone. Here’s our guide for brewing that is called a ‘perfect cup’.

  1. Prepare the Coffee Machine

You should have the best coffee machine in order to make a great cup. And by best, it doesn’t mean top of the line, really expensive coffee makers. It means that your coffee maker should be at its best. The machine must be thoroughly washed with hot water and dried with an absorbent towel. Check every part of the coffee maker to make sure that there are no coffee grounds left. Also make sure that there is no build-up of coffee oil in there. These types of residue if left unchecked will leave a bitter taste in your future cups.

2. Purchase The Coffee

Fresh roasted coffee will give you a fuller flavor. Buy them as soon as it has been roasted. Purchase only the amount you can use in a given time. The longer they stay unused, the less fresh and tasty the coffee will become.

3. Use The Right Water

Contrary to what others might say, the water is a very important part for making a quality coffee. Water can easily affect the flavor of your coffee if it has other contaminants. Bottled spring water is the best choice for brewing. If not, you can either use filtered water or tap water so long as you’re sure of your water’s quality. Let the tap water run for a few seconds before you fill up the pot. Distilled or softened water should be avoided.

4. Check the Coffee to Water Ratio

The ratio is based on the amount of coffee per six ounces of water. According to National Coffee Association USA, it is advisable to have 1 to 2 spoonful of ground coffee for every six ounces. Adjust this to your liking, since individual taste may vary. If you’re having trouble measuring, then just see the cup lines on the side of your brewer to see how they measure.

5. The Water Temperature

Water temperature must be maintained at 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit (91 to 96 degrees Celsius). Too cold and the coffee will be under-extracted, too hot then it will burn the coffee and lose its taste.

6. The Brewing Process

The brewing time must be controlled properly. The extraction time of the coffee must be exactly right or you’ll fail to dissolve the essential coffee flavor. Although there are different times for each coffee types, it is best to keep the extraction time from 3 to 4 minutes. Any more and it would be over-extracted. Once it is brewed, the coffee must be consumed immediately. Leaving it on the machine for more than 15 minutes will cause the coffee to have a burned taste.

That’s it. You now have a freshly brewed perfect cup of coffee. Smell the aroma and take a sip of your coffee. Notice the flavor. If it’s still not up to your standards, then try experimenting with several methods. But remember the essentials that we have noted in this article.

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