How to Fix a Coffee Maker: Heating and Warming Elements

Heating and warming elements are critical components in coffee makers. You don’t want to drink cold coffee right. The heating element is what brews and helps release the coffee’s flavor and keep you perked up during your mornings. Once these areas are broken there are two things you can do: test it and check for parts that needs replacement.

Repairing Heating Elements

Heating elements can be accessed at the base of your coffee maker. This is, of course, for both drip coffee makers and percolators. Here are steps how to test it and replace it.

Empty the coffee maker. Make sure that all the liquids and grounds are disposed before turning it over. It is best to do this when the coffee maker is clean.

Remove the base of the coffee maker. You can do this by removing all the screws that kept it in place.

Disconnect the heating element circuit once you have accessed it. Test its continuity using a multi-tester. Place its probe on each of the circuit’s terminal to verify if it can conduct electricity. Once no electricity is conducted, it means the heating element needs to be replaced.

To replace, mark the location of all the heating element unit’s wires and components before loosening it. This will help you reconnect the replacement to the coffee maker.

Repairing Warming Element

The warming element can be found at the base of the coffee maker. It is responsible in keeping the coffee warm. Some warming elements can remain warm all day long. Others take only a few hours before it shuts off on its own. Knowing how your warming element functions can help you distinguish whether it is broken or not. Warming elements can be shorten out by spilling on it. To test if you need to replace the warming element, here are the steps.

Remove your coffee maker’s base and take out the warming element. Disconnect it from the coffee maker by its terminals.

Using a multi-tester, check its continuity.

Once you notice it is broken, replace it.

Coffee makers should be well taken care of by first familiarizing yourself with its components. From here you can easily determine if there are areas that need replacements. It’s easier for you to get familiar with your coffee maker and its parts. can give you a selection of user friendly brewers that doesn’t cost a fortune but would even be easy for you to fix. Just remember to ask for help from an appliance expert to know if you need to buy a coffee maker or there are items in it that you can just replace.