What I See In AllProWebTools

After four years in college; familiar faces; memorable surroundings, you forget what it’s like to feel out of place. Admittedly, that’s how it felt to walk into the AllProWebTools office on day one. I had taken extra precautions that day, hair and attire done up with extra care, cheeks carefully trimmed to the happy medium found between fresh-plucked-chicken and disgruntled lumberjack. Whether or not these minute details actually affected their opinion of me didn’t matter, all it really needed to do was boost my confidence and quell my nerves. Did it work? I wish.

The first thing I noticed about the office was its energy: clean, but caught up in a tangled mix of ambition, pride and unfathomably pure dedication. A convoluted mix, for sure, but what would you rather have at a startup that’s steadily advancing how small businesses operate? The people here believe in the work they’re doing, and that’s what kept me coming back for an entire week’s worth of training. There’s no monotony to be found when you’re lost in the throes of building something you love. I wanted to be a part of that dynamic, I wanted to help these people achieve what they set out to do, because I saw something substantial in their work.

One week in and I was voraciously learning more about the people I shared goals, an office and a product with. I was constantly surprised at the depth of functionality the toolkit possesses, while somehow managing to stay unassumingly simple on the surface. It combines the functionality of a website editor, Asana’s tasking system, Slack’s chat service, and your phone’s address book, before turning around to snicker at just how much you haven’t seen yet. I’m still in awe, so we’ll see what I think in a couple months when I’ve been around the software long enough to delve into the finer details.

As I write this, three weeks have gone by, and one of the most gratifying experiences I’ve had so far was getting to meet the two young entrepreneurs from StarDog Logistics: Jake and Amber. It didn’t take much to get along with both, owing to the closeness of our ages, Jake’s love of cars, and Amber’s background in marketing — three traits I shared with the young couple. Soon after, I was able to spend some time with Amber, giving her a tour of the AllProWebTools software while learning more about StarDog and the aspirations the young couple have for their firm.

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