Trading Art Online: It’s Easier than You Think

1. Go directly to

Seriously, it’s one of the easiest and safest sites to use to trade art. By utilizing blockchain technology APA is able to reduce the number of counterfeit art pieces on the market as well as give price manipulation the boot, as artists deal directly with buyers.

2. Explore

You’re allowed to be adventurous. My art tastes may differ from yours but when you’re connected to a network of artists from around the globe, you’re bound to go wild. Each artist will bring his or her own unique talents to the platform, inspired by his or her specific surroundings or dreams.

3. Be open

Fame isn’t everything, you may not find Van Gogh or Jackson Pollock, and if you did it’d be extremely expensive anyway, but you may find something else to suit your tastes. You can always search for artists with similar styles.

4. It’s not THAT expensive

Surprisingly enough, art isn’t as expensive as it’s made out to be. You will be able to find a stunning piece within your budget. All Public Art has made this a simpler, more affordable experience by registered users to trade directly with one another.

5. Know what you’re getting

Make sure when you’re trading for specific art pieces, you know exactly what it is. Don’t trade for a print thinking it’s a painting. Speak to the artist and clarify all the necessary details to give you peace of mind.

6. Shipping

The great thing that All Public Art has done is incorporate a list of trusted appraisers and art handlers around to the world, to handle your art shipping needs. This is handy for larger more expensive pieces that need special handling. Smaller or less expensive prints can be shipped via normal shipping or whatever you decided on with the artist.

7. Security

If you’re worried about making dodgy purchases or if your artwork won’t arrive — Don’t worry. All APA transactions are done via smart contracts. Each artist has a unique ID to authenticate their transactions on the platform and there are four different options for artwork security as well.

These seven steps will help you find the perfect art piece to suit your home or office. The most important bit of advice I could give you would be to love the piece you’re receiving.

Art isn’t just about the potential value of a piece, it’s about the time and effort an artist put into a piece to create something that could speak to you.So if you want to get involved in the online art marketplace today, all you need to do is download the All Public Art app or visit