50 People You Need To Meet at Dreamforce 2016

The sharp people at Bluewolf generously sponsored this post so please show your support of their fifth annual The State of Salesforce report. It contains 110,000 data points collected from 1,700+ customers and you can download it here. Be sure to stop by Bluewolf’s Dreamforce booth 1205 to pick up a copy.

The team @ Allsalesforce.com started doing this list several years ago to help track some of the SFDC community members that we interacted with throughout the year. It’s grown significantly and has been expanded to include some of the great people making an impact for the community, some veterans like Matt Bertuzzi and some rising stars like Ben McCarthy (we love his SalesforceBen blog posts).

This year’s list starts with the two women who kicked off Salesforce’s company-wide salary review. If you missed that awesome story of how they managed to convince Marc Benioff to correct gender-pay disparities, you can read it here.

Have a great week!

Stephen Cummins |@Stephen_Cummins
CEO AppSelekt, runs the 50K member LinkedIn Salesforce group

Who did we miss? Who else are you looking forward to meeting IRL? DM or tweet @ us @AllSalesforce and let us know.